On Trigger Gen.3 

It is compatible with all pedals with a fixed base plate. Exactly the same sensor for all pedals. 


Worldwide shipping: Fedex Express (3 to 7 business days worldwide) , DHL Expres DHL Express (3 to 7 business days worldwide) or Standard worldwide shipping


Some parts are cut by laser, others are machined on the CNC and finally manually assembled using carefully selected and purchased components. No production anywhere in China. 

Durable and proven solution

OnTrigger is the first trigger for various brands of single and double pedals in the world. We have been producing triggers since 2014. Durability is proven by our customers. 

Spare sensor

The sensors, according to our experience, will last for a very long time, but we have decided to equip them with an detachable sensor that can be replaced in a seconds.


XLR (M) connector or 6.3mm mono Jack female (1/4 Jack F)

Drum Modules

Triggers are tested on different drum modules and work really well everywhere. The drum module setting is much easier than by traditional triggers and setup is similar to pad for electronic drums.

Bass Drum Technique

You can play any technique. The sensor will simply send a signal when the pedal plate falls on it, the technique does not affect it. Sensors are also dynamic. Dynamics can be turned on or off in the drum module.